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Yordles' Nights at Freddy's by Sinneli
Yordles' Nights at Freddy's
Welp. Figures I should try to draw something since I should have drawn something during Halloween. But my Tablet seems to have an issue where the mouse is stuck at the corner of the screen. 

From left to right, Tristana as Chica (having trouble with the beak which falls off for some reason), Pix as Freddy (and his new top hat), Lulu as the new Bonnie, Amumu forcibly entered as Mangle, Veigar as Foxy, Poppy as the old Bonnie, and Teemo as the Puppet. I know. There are more yordles and more Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics I missed but didn't know who else would fit. 

The Yordles belong to (c) League of Legends
Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to... Whoever made it. Forgot the name. 
I wake up one day, in a castle.
It’s certainly a beautiful day, oh what a hassle.
Red carpet there. An empty throne room.
Blue tapestries there. The fireworks going boom.

Such a beautiful work of architecture I have to say.
All for the princess, for she remains trapped to this day.
Why you ask? Because of the final boss,
Who they say will suffer the greatest loss.

A hero comes by in his path.
To rescue me from this place
With a sword on his hand.
Will he rescue me? I certainly hope so.

A scorpion faces him on the river looking sad.
For he cannot cross that water mace.
Threatening to crush him into the sands.
Is there an end to his tears? Certainly there is more.

The hero ignores him, for that’s rather dumb.
“Why would he care for an insect?” he says.
Angered by an accusation as such,
A prick on the neck and yes, he’s gone.

And another hero falls today,
His tale ends there, with tragedy,
And I must say that we should change up the game a bit.
To spice things up a little more.

Once upon a time, there was a mage. His magic was known to the kingdom, and he was known as the great uniter. He quelled the violence with his words and magic, lights enthralling those who saw it. His words were in a book, and he has to say that he has more charm to his words than most. So he decided to seek out this princess today. It seemed like a right thing to do. Heart of righteous, he says, and there is no heroism than that. He did have a kind heart after all, and he set off a path, stepping over a dead man with a sword in his hand.

He traveled far, across the desert, only to come across a traveler. The traveler asked for water, and he gave him some. So he traveled far again, and another traveler. Another, and another, until his supplies were gone, and his heart of kindness beat no more. He gave everything away, even his life. For exceptional kindness is sometimes too much.

And another hero falls today,
His tale ends there, with tragedy,
And I must say that we should change up the game a bit.
To spice things up a little more.

And there was a yohoho and a bottle of rum! And as, me hearties, there was a blundering pirate, who came not from the land but of the endless seas. He took a ship and sailed the seven seas. His eyes were certainly not on the maiden’s eyes for one. (How rude).

This pirate was certainly going to be a king some day. A pirate king, no less. So let’s settle the score today! He raised his cutlass and to the West he went, across the sea and towards the castle. No desert, no scorpions. Krakens and leviathans? Bah. Real pirates don’t fear those. Did you know that whales were messengers of the sea king? Well, the pirate knew that, and he threw a feast! Oh, oranges, oranges. Gotta say. Jolly them Rogers.

He came upon the land, only to find a dragon that guards the palace. Have to say, I am amazed to this day, that he beat the dragon, and with a giddy heart, he took all the treasures to his ship.  The hoard gone, the dragon slain. The dragon died that day, and her corpse remains, and her egg waiting to hatch. I take the egg to the top of the castle, at the tower far above my domain.

There once was a girl named Marceline. Someone trapped gave her the name. She was not a prisoner, nor did she have a mother or father. She had a thing for shiny trinkets, she did, but she had a fire, deep inside her. Fire of passion, of glory from the stories, yet she knew restraint. Had a good sister, she did. But restraint do not quell fantasy, and she had gone off on her own path, towards the ocean to catch a whale.

“Oh don’t worry.” She said to me. “Whales are just fish.” And she returned that day with a dead shark, not having seen fish that large before. I drew a circle around her. A large circle, with a wardrobe, a drawer, and a large mirror.

“That” I said, “Is how large the whale’s eye is.” And she decided to learn knowledge instead. She learned about the whales and the sea, and pirates that roam. So she set off once again, and returned triumphantly. With a happy whale coming near the shore to wave hi.

But I saw what happened, for deep down within, she found what calling she truly witnessed. The whale told her a story of a dragon slain, and she set of far, and set the town ablaze. The ship gone, the men slain, the crew with citrus burnt to ashes. For none can stop the true damage done if they cannot withstand against a dragon’s wrath.

And yet no one rescues me to this day.
Their eyes set on the price and they never look at me.
The treasures? The riches? The fame and glory?
All means nothing to me, the final boss.
I’m just a prisoner here, in this endless cycle,
Waiting to be released from this cage.
An Untold Story
I'm dedicating this piece to :iconhuhxyz: who I suppose gifted me something of value with the intent of making me an example. 

Or to be made an example of. Whateverrrr :I IS THIS THE PROPER WAY TO THANK SOMEONE!? 


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Sin Maximus.
Artist | Student
South Korea
I don't really care much about anything. Anything at all.
But I do care about things that are... important, interesting, you name it. You know what I mean. Some of you do. You don't really care about the big important stuff, but somewhere, deep in you, you do. Don't deny it. It's the truth, and you have emotions.

Requests and collabs are closed at the moment.
I should draw something but I'm too lazy to. Also, I have no idea how to fill this up, so I'll ramble a bit about my grades in my college semester.

First semester, I screwed up, so I'm trying to fix it during the second one. Guess what? I am screwing up Economics class, not because of lack of study, but because I screwed up multiple choice questions. Who the hell gets multiple choice questions wrong but get the essay questions fully correct? Weird, right? Otherwise, if I don't oversleep and NOT miss the bus, I'm fine. 

Which I did today. And Monday too because it was snow day, and the bus came earlier than before instead of delayed. 

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